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Fire has always been a unique fascination for people. The sight of the flames is calm and relax at the same time and the heat emanating from a chimney, provides a unique hospitality at home. Until recently it was still unthinkable to ignite an open fire in houses and apartments without a chimney, because of the stroking smoke and other gases. The solution to this problem is the inflammable ethanol. The bio-ethanol, after being burnt, it turns just water steam and carbon dioxide, so it burns almost completely smoke-and odor-free. You can visit our online shop, we have different patterns of ethanol ovens. Our model s are usually made of steel and fire-resistant glasss. The ethanol oven, depending on the model , can be a wall fireplace, fireplace table, corner fireplace or be used freestanding. The fireplace is filled with bio-ethanol and can be installd without structural measures or smoke reducers in every room of your house and it works well. The burner is also included a ceramic sponge. This keeps the fireplace an even flame, has nothing moreto do with the filling state of the burner or the focal length of the chimney. One liter of bio-ethanol keeps a fireplace for 3 to 4 hours firing. The color of the flame shows the water content of the ethanol. The lower the water content of ethanol, the moreblue the flame appears. A red flame indicates a high water content of the ethanol. Although ethanol oven produces some heat, but it can not serve as a substitute for your heater. Matching accessories such as decorative stones, pieces of wood and measuring cup for ethanol can be surely purchased from our online shop as well.


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